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Clients, customers, consumers, patrons, talent, donors, visitors, and members. It doesn’t matter what they are called, every organization relies upon them. Because if one or more of these audience bases is not engaged, an organization risks a loss of funding, talent, and/or revenue.

Jeanine Riedl Consulting ensures that how organizations connect and engage with their audiences is not only authentic, relatable, and meaningful, but also mutually beneficial.


We develop and grow audiences through innovative copy, content, and experiences (e.g. events and programs). An A.D.D. V.A.L.U.E. approach incorporates our professional background in legal critical thinking and marketing communications to deliver creative engagement strategies and solutions that allow client partners to move boldly ahead. 

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We think critically and react creatively, so our client partners can move boldly ahead. We serve several types of client partners, including: 

  • Small businesses that need assistance with devising marketing communication plans and concepts. 

  • Nonprofits and arts and cultural institutions who need to evaluate current public offerings and make recommendations and/or assistance in the execution.

  • Professional associations who need help attracting and engaging members. 

  • Event, program, and marketing communication professionals, seeking additional help on project(s).


Discover Our Expertise

We've had years of experience creating communications and experiences that would garner media attention, which in turn would reach identified, targeted audiences. We are experts at not only identifying current and potential audiences, but also in attracting, engaging  and keeping them.


We’ve worked at some of the most creative institutions and agencies, and now we are ready to assist you.

About: Services


Assess & Recommend

The Strategic Roadmap service is for organizations that realize they need audience development assistance and a strategic system in place, but are limited due to lack of time, staff or experience. Or perhaps, they just desire a fresh perspective. Upon completion, the organization has a better idea of its existing situation: (1) where it is at; (2) where it needs to be; and (3) what it can do to get there based on our findings, feedback and recommendations. With this service, an organization's staff is empowered to take its results and move boldly ahead. 

Pricing starts at $425, taking 4-12 weeks to complete. Final cost, timing are dependent upon scope of work. 


Implement & Accomplish

This service takes our Strategic Roadmap and its recommendations to the next level. We flush out and build upon our recommendations, taking on the work and becoming an extended part of your team. We establish timelines and execute on deliverables. We may execute on one recommendation or be retained for a certain time frame; your organization’s budget, needs and objectives will direct your decision. If the work requires several months of planning and execution, we can divide total costs into a monthly fee.

As an extension of the Strategic Roadmap, we offer this service at a reduced rate from our current hourly rate. 


 Curate & Customize

Jeanine Riedl Consulting also offers a range of à​-la-carte services for organizations to select from and have us manage. We've not only been there, done that, but we've also excelled at it. After years of working in marketing communications, representing for-profit and nonprofit clients in a wide array of industries, we are experts at creating output that garners awareness and interest, moving audiences to become connected and engaged. 

À La Carte services are charged at our current hourly rate. 


Guide & Advise

Here, we meet organizations where they are, offering guidance and feedback on the work its staff produces or plans to produce. In addition, we can also serve as your executive-level professional, helping your staff keep on track with efforts related to attracting, growing, maintaining audiences. After all, we've had years of experience managing teams, so we are happy to develop and enrich your team through establishing procedures, best practices, etc.

As-Needed services are charged at our current hourly rate. 

How well is your organization connected, engaged with its audience bases? 
Message us today and let's start the discussion.

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