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Our Beliefs

Jeanine Riedl Consulting develops strategies and solutions to keep an organization's audiences aware, interested, connected and engaged. Put another way, we believe relationships are the "It" factor to organizational success, which means we take our client relationships seriously, too. We are guided by a number of  principles that define who we are, how we work:

  • Relationships should be authentic and mutually beneficial. We won't pretend to be something we're not, as we wouldn't be good at it. We add value to organizations by embarking in work that makes us tick—being curious, working with people, collecting information, connecting dots, sharing knowledge, and uncovering new possibilities. It's a win-win affiliation.

  • Listening is just as important as talking. You can’t come up with appropriate questions and adequate solutions, if you can’t keep still long enough to hear the need, concern or challenge that presents itself. We hear, contribute and listen. 

  • Respect is essential in all communications, actions. Copernicus established that the Earth isn't the center of the universe, nor are we (i.e., you, meus). To understand audiences and build and maintain relationships, we must be empathetic to the opinions, beliefs and situations of others. 


  • Creativity and innovation evolve as a process, not as an on-demand service. We feel that creativity and innovation are the sum of many parts, which include observations, discussions, experiences, research, data, facts, and fantasy. By honoring how each comes to be, we invite both to our party.

  • We communicate to eliminate guesswork and confusion. We keep our  business associates apprised of our processes, plans and responsibilities, keeping everyone aligned, focused and in the know.​​

  • Be realistic about objectives, goals, but (absolutely) set them!​ Identifying goals and objectives keep us on track. Ensuring they are not only realistic, but also measurable, sets us up for success, allowing us to course correct when needed.

  • We appreciate the saying: None of us is as smart as all of us. We believe in the power of teamwork, which demands efforts from all involved—no matter your rank or file. We learn from each other when we participate, collaborate; that's how magic happens.

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